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Barter, Loyalty Offers and Other Ways to Get Free Seeds

Are you planning to plant a garden, or replenish your current garden with fresh or different plants? Well, you could be held back by the costs such as getting the right soil and tools not forgetting how costly the seeds can get. Regardless of your gardening purpose, you can make the process easier and cheaper. Among the best approaches is going for free seeds. Get excited as Yukon Gold Gardens guide you to the exclusive 125 ways you can score free seeds for your organic garden.

Seed Swaps

Your friends, colleague, or any other person you know with a garden can help you get the seeds you need. All you have to do is offer your seeds and swap with theirs. The only drawback with the option is that you have to get a person with the seeds you want and have seeds they are willing to take in return.

You can take your seed swap efforts a notch higher by searching for seed swaps in your community and attend as many as you can to enhance the chances of getting the seeds you want. A simple search engine query can amaze you by availing more seed swaps in your community than you could have anticipated.

Check seed libraries

Seed libraries are an excellent choice, especially if you are on a budget and do not have other seeds to exchange with a friend. Seed libraries lend the seeds, and after check out, you are required to grow and bring back seeds to replenish the library. You can also take advantage of seed swap programs with other library members to get free seeds.

Loyalty offers

Loyalty pays, and it could not get any better than receiving free seeds from your favorite store. Loyalty offers for organic gardening seeds allow you to grow the plants you want without worrying about the high seed prices. With loyalty offers, you can get Yukon Gold free seeds for your organic gardening and enjoy healthy produce.


Well, those items sitting in your garage, taking up your valuable space can be used to get free seeds. Bartering is an excellent way to get the seeds you want and free up space that can be used for something else, making barter one of the most productive approaches on the exclusive 125 list.

Be a part of a research project

Government research programs aimed at maintaining biodiversity offers a chance to get free seeds. What's more, you get an opportunity to grow rare varieties that you would not have thought of. Visit your local agricultural extension office and see if there is any such project and be a part of it.

Save seeds from your garden

Some gardeners allow their plants to reseed their gardens, saving them the process of harvesting then later planting afresh. However, apart from letting your plants reseed, you could harvest and save the seeds from your garden. Allow a few plants to grow to seed then collect and store them for the next season.

Free old seeds from your local garden center

Old seeds from your local garden center usually go to waste. After expiry, they cannot be sold, yet some seeds are still viable. Visit the garden center and ask for the expired seeds. You could also pick weak plants and offer to dispose of them which would save the seller some trouble. Take the plant to your garden, nurture them, and see if they can get healthy enough to grow.

Check with the non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations offer free seeds to enhance global food security. What's more, if you are starting a community garden or school garden, seeking seeds donation from non-profit organizations is a sure way to land free seeds. Such organizations also offer free seeds to people willing to grow and pass their seeds to others.

Farmers' market produce

After munching on your favorite fruits or vegetables from your local farmers' market, why not save those seeds instead of throwing them away. You already paid for the farm produce, and saving the seeds is an excellent bonus. The best part is that you already know that the seeds will grow well in your garden as they are sourced locally.

Go online

Social networks are an excellent way to connect with others and you can leverage the connections to get free items, including seeds. Connect with other gardeners, join groups and forums, and be a part of the discussion. Apart from getting free seeds, you can also gain valuable information on the best organic gardening approaches.

Websites also provide a platform to connect with people offering free seeds. Check out different websites and visit organic gardening section, explore what is up for grabs, and if you spot free seeds, go for it.

Your organic gardening efforts do not have to suffer due to lack of seeds. With all the available means to land free seeds including Yukon Gold Gardens, you are a step closer to establishing a fruitful organic garden.

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