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Create Garden Centerpieces with Container Gardening

Container gardening is an exciting hobby, more so for older people. Container garden designs are an excellent solution for people with hip, back, or knee problems. Well-designed containers prevent much leaning as well as crawling around plants hence creating a beautiful backyard landscaping due to the presence of attractive containers and plants and flowers that are appealing to the eye.

The designs are a good alternative to traditional gardening. It adds art, bright colors, and interesting shapes to backyard landscaping or makes cheap but attractive garden decorations for impressive balcony design. You can raise plants, edible herbs, vegetables, or flowers above the balcony in good looking pots and containers.

Yukon Gold Design ideas

A small container garden that has no shrubs and trees can either be created outdoors or indoors. They add charm, tranquility, and unlimited elegance to a person's living space. They also bring organization and an appealing green color hence transforming the balcony designs and backyard landscaping into an inviting, attractive, and peaceful environment.

Edible herbs, small vegetables, berries or decorative flowers and plants can be grown in small containers to bring a beautiful design without taking much of your time and effort.

On the other hand, large container designs can be made using wood and metal since they give a natural feel to the outdoor living space. You can also make use of old wine barrels, decorative vases, used wooden boxes, and flowerpots. The garden containers can either be stylish and contemporary or rustic and hand-made; the choices are limited for the balcony designs or your backyard landscaping.

For tiny balcony designs and large backyard landscaping, container gardening is uniquely satisfying, interesting and decorative.

Actualizing the container garden ideas

The first thing to do is to make an entrance. A well-potted arrangement at the entry draws certain attention to the front door. One of the design concepts that can work well is a triangular composition because it brings a balancing sense and order. At the center, there should be a large dominating port with small and medium ports on either side. Some of the plants that do well include the Nemesia since it does not need deadheading and it can thrive in partial shade or full sun. If well watered and fed, Nemesia blooms in all seasons.

The next thing is to create a centerpiece. To make a big impact, use a group of small plants since thy form a good low-maintenance centerpiece. The design concept is to use various glazed ceramic saucers and pots that are unified by shape and color. The plants should also be of different varieties but the same species. A good example of such plants is the succulents, purple aeonium, and jade plants since they are easy to take care of. They love the sun and also prefer dry soils.

After creating the centerpiece, you go ahead and hang your plants. Note that the hanging baskets are normally sold in plastic pots that have very ugly hangers. Although the pot is obscured by flowers and leaves, the hangers are always visible. To make it look better, cut off the hanger and pass nylon cord through the holes in the pot. Tie a tight knot and hang the plant about two meters high above the ground. The best plants to use are the mini petunias since they do not require deadheading and can thrive with or without the sun.

The other thing is to define your space. Wall or edgings of potted plants do define and delineate space. They help in separating the patio from the lawn. To do this, arrange six pots that are identical in an L-like shape at the patio, making sure they are evenly spaced. Rowdy herbs will begin to explode from the pots smooth lines hence contrasting both texture and color.

Another idea is to make a path. Paths made from the plants help link the spaces, and they direct traffic patterns. To achieve this use well-matched pots planted with ornamental grass and ensure they are evenly spaced.

The bottom line

Container gardening improves the aesthetic value of your place without much cost. Since the ideas given above take care of age and back pains, no one has an excuse of failing to enjoy gardening art and the fresh produce from the garden designs. Find more information on our website - Yukon Gold Gardening Tips & Tricks.

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